Use the following command to update VMware Tools without rebooting the VM in the advanced options section.

/S /v”/qn REBOOT=R”

*** Don’t copy and paste the above command. The quotes don’t format properly so manually type it or replace the quotes****

The below command updates or installs vmware tools with all the options. with the exception of shared folders. This is helpful if you are trying to use vShield.


Note: Here’s what all of those switches do.

The first two arguments are for the InstallShield application, setup.exe.

/S requests a silent installer, and /v lets the application know that you’re going to pass switches directly to the MSI. This is why the command structure after the /v is enclosed in double quotes.

The /qn portion is MSI-speak for no user interface, while the REBOOT=R portion is toReallySupress the reboot. ADDLOCAL is describing what features to install locally, while REMOVE states to toss out the HGFS (Shared Folders) feature. This way ensures that new features will be added without having to call them all out in a list.