Just wanted to post a quick note on a robocopy script I used to increase the speed of robocopy.

robocopy.exe \\server\folder D:\folder *.* /S /E /V /R:1 /W:5 /MT:64 /SEC /SECFIX /MIR /b /A /NFL /NJH /NDL /A-:SH

Here’s another good one

robocopy.exe \\Server\Share E:\Share *.* /E /B /XO /ZB /NP /log:c:sharelog.txt /R:2 /W:5 /MT:64 /SEC /SECFIX /A-:SH


I used /MT:64 because I found that for some reason it performed better with 64 threads and going higher didn’t make any difference. This was also done on a server running 2012, but MT is supported in 2008 as well.

/NFL /NJH /NDL – I used these options because it takes a long time to list the folders, Job Header, and Directory listing. This is all unnecessary overhead and made my copy times significantly faster. Look at the screenshot below and see the speed difference by using these switches.



TIP –  if you need some help tweaking your robocopy script you can use WinRoboCopy which is a GUI. It will allow you to select your options and copy the command out to run in powershell. I recommend you run the command in robocopy vs the WinRoboCopy GUI because the GUI tends to be flaky and not nearly as efficient.