So I ran into an issue with a VMware backbone and XenDesktop 7.1 serving Applications, Desktops, and Servers. I used MCS to provision my desktops. Some of the Desktops that were created showed “You Must Reboot This Computer for changes to take effect”. Now I have two ESXi hosts in a cluster running with EVC mode because they have different CPU Architectures. I noticed machines that were created on the same host as my “Master” image were not experiencing this issue but the VMs that were created on the other host were. So here is what I did to fix the issue.

–     Since the CPU Architecture is different you must Hide the CPUID Mask


–     Next you must power up the machine on one ESXi host and verify that there is no additional hardware that needs to be added. If there is then reboot and log back in. If there is not then shut down the VM and vMotion it to the other ESXi host while it is powered off. Then power back on the machine and install any additional hardware that it finds. Reboot the machine and log back in. Once there is no additional hardware then shut it down and create a new snapshot. 

After all of that you should be able to update your master image and reprovision the desktops without this error. Good Luck