Getting an error on your AppAssure core regarding transfer of volumes failing? Check the Event log on the Agent server and see if you have

Event ID 8194 VSS


The Fix:

What credential to use?

For the storage providers to remotely communicate with the iSCSI Target service, they require the local Administrator’s permission of the iSCSI Target Server computer. This may also be a domain user added to the local admin’s group on the iSCSI Target Server.

To find the account with local Administrator’s permission, you can open the computer management, and click on the Administrator’s group:


For non-domain-joined servers, use a mirrored local account, i.e. create a local account with the same user name and password on both the iSCSI Target Server and the application server. Make sure the account is in the Administrator’s group on both servers.

UI Configuration (Dcom Config)

You can also use DCOM Config to configure the credentials as follows:

1. Open Component Services, open Computers, open My Computer and then open DCOM Config.

2. Locate ‘WTVdsProv’ and configure credentials as appropriate

3. Locate ‘WTSnapshotProvider and configure credentials as appropriate

Take the WTSnapshotProvider for example:

1. Locate the provider under DCOM Config container


2. Right click on the provider, and click Properties


3. Click the Identity tab, select the This user option, then specify an account which has the iSCSI Target Server local Administrator’s permission


Cmdlet Configuration

As an alternative, you can also use powershell cmdlet to configure the credentials:

PS C:\> $PsCred = Get-Credential

PS C:\> $PrvdIdentityPath = New-Object System.Management.ManagementPath(“root\wmi:WT_iSCSIStorageProviderIdentity”)

PS C:\> $PrvdIdentityClass = New-Object System.Management.ManagementClass($PrvdIdentityPath)

PS C:\> $PrvdIdentityClass.SetProviderIdentity(“{88155B26-CE61-42FB-AF31-E024897ADEBF}”,$PsCred.UserName,$PsCred.GetNetworkCredential().Password)

PS C:\> $PrvdIdentityClass.SetProviderIdentity(“{9D884A48-0FB0-4833-AB70-A19405D58616}”,$PsCred.UserName,$PsCred.GetNetworkCredential().Password)

Credential verification

After you have configured the credentials, to verify, you can try to take a snapshot using diskshadow.exe.

Open a commandline prompt, and type diskshadow

Follow the prompt and type

Add volume c:


If the credential is not configured correctly, it will show the following error:


Note: Remember to change the credential if the password has changed on the iSCSI Target Server for the specified account.


If issues still persist then try the following.

VSS Errors Occur on Windows Server 2008 Systems
Valid on Windows Server 2008 platforms.


Database level backup jobs complete successfully and Windows Event ID 8194 appears in Windows Event Viewer.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is installed on a Windows Server 2008 x64 system.


Event ID 8194 relates to Volume Shadow Copy Service errors.

For more information, see the Microsoft support website. You can eliminate the error condition by adding the access permissions for the Network Service

account to the COM Security of the affected server. To add the access permissions for the Network Service account, do the following:

From the Start Menu, select Run
The Run dialog opens.

In the Open field, input dcomcnfg and click OK.
The Component Services dialog opens.

Expand Component Services, Computers, and My Computer.
Right-click My Computer and click Properties on the pop-up menu.

The My Computer Properties dialog opens.

Click the COM Security tab.
Under Access Permission click Edit Default.

The Access Permissions dialog opens.

From the Access Permissions dialog, add the Network Service account with Local Access allowed.
Close all open dialogs.
Restart the computer.