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System Event Log: 
Event ID: 9267 
Source: AAVolFlt 
Log write failed for device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 (drive ?:). The failure status code is the last word of the data.

According to AppAssure Support, it is a known issue with log file being locked randomly.

In case you see this issue again, please perform the following steps:

1 – Assign a drive letter to the SRP in diskmgmt.msc 
2 – Make Folders in this newly assigned drive letter visible in Explorer Folder Options (unhide hidden and system folders) 
3 – Grant your current login account full access to the System Volume Information folder through Explorer Security Tab 
4 – Confirm the existence of excessive AALOG files or file sizes in System Volume Information Folder 
5 – There should only be 1 AALOG… file, usually only a few KB in size 
6 – If you do not see excessive or oversized AALOGS, do not proceed 
7 – Issue “fltmc unload aafsflt” command in elevated Command Prompt to release all of the AALOGs 
8 – In elevated command prompt change to the disk assigned above in Step 1 and “cd System Volume Information” 
9 – “del aalog*.*”to delete them 
10 – “fltmc load aafsflt” will reload the filter driver and re-create clean new AALOGs 
11 – Snapshot the machine again (you should see a Base and incrementals thereafter.)