Outlook Profile Auto Customization

Locate the office installation media. If on the network share the drive. Run the setup.exe as follows

\\servername\servershare\setup.exe /admin

This will open the office customization tool.

  • Within the Outlook section of the OCT
    Outlook Profile” -> select “Modify Profile” + “Define changes to make to the exiting default profile …”
    Add Accounts” -> “Customize additional Outlook profile and account information” ->Add
    Then select “Exchange

Within Exchange Settings

Account Name : – a text description (e.g. “Microsoft Exchange Server”)
User name: %Username%
Exchange Server: – the name of the domain –

Once this is complete then go to file and save. Name it whatever you want and then run it on the computer/terminal server you wish to autoconfigure the profiles. If you want to use Group Policy to install then you have to add it under computer/startup scripts. It will not run under the user logon policy.