So I was working on upgrading two Equallogic PS6100 Sans that are in a group. I downloaded the latest 6.1.1 firmware and uploaded it to the first one. Hit upgrade and after about 15 minutes it was ready for a reboot. I hit the reboot button and while I was waiting on that to come back up I started on the second. Shortly after it started loading I got an error. I went to monitoring option on the SAN web interface and checked the log. I saw the error “firmware update failed insufficient free space to extract the kernel file”

1) I opened the command prompt and FTP’d into the troublesome SAN using the IP.

2) Typed “dir” to retrieve a list of files. I noticed a lot of .core files and they were taking a significant amount of space.

3) Checked to make sure those .core files were OK to delete and type “del filename.core”  for each of the .core files.

4) Deleted the Image of the new firmware I just uploaded using “del filename.tgz”

5) Retried the upgrade and everything was successful.